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Welcome to our Deaf ARP Page


There are specialist staff in the ARP to support the children including: Teachers of the Deaf (ToD), Communicators and Speech and Language Therapists.

The ARP offers individualised education to all the children and ensures that all needs are catered for. There are strong links with mainstream to ensure that the children receive a rich and balanced curriculum.

All children receive additional specialist sessions in the ARP to support speech and language, and Personal Understanding of Deafness (PUD). It is important for children to build their deaf identify and become confident in the hearing world.

The deaf children are involved in all mainstream activities, assemblies and trips. The ARP has additional trips to deaf events to ensure that the children have a strong understanding of deafness and their deaf identity.

Children in full time mainstream education:

If the child is able to access age expected language, they go to mainstream all day with a communicator for support. The children come to the ARP some afternoons for pre / post teach, depending on their mainstream timetables to ensure that they do not miss any vital learning.

The communicator’s role is also tailored to the child’s need; this could mean signing, using additional visuals, note taking or a combination. The support needed is assessed at the beginning of the year and reviewed regularly with parents and children.

Specialised ARP curriculum:

If the child has a severe language delay they are often in the ARP in the morning for a specialised English and maths curriculum with a ToD. They have the opportunity to join their mainstream peers in the afternoon.

Some children with complex needs also receive additional support such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy depending on their needs. Our facilities accommodate all needs including wheelchair access to all areas, disabled toilets and nappy changing facilities for children of all ages.