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Welcome to our Behaviour Page

At Eastbury we like to promote positive praise and encourage the children to take responsibility for their behaviour and how they develop within the school.  We use a whole school approach to behaviour for all children to learn from nursery to year 6.

In the classroom we use:

If you receive a consequence card you will spend up to 15 minutes in the time out area, reflecting on your actions.

At Eastbury the first contact to support your child is the Class Teacher, they will deal with any incidents during the day and are available at the end of the day to speak to or to book an appointment with to discuss further.;

The Leader of Learning will support the Class Teacher if further steps are required with any incidents.

The year group Behaviour Lead is also available if required or requested to support staff, children and parents further if a situation needs more support to resolve.

Every week Mrs Shepherd will delivery Star of the Week certificates across the school.  These certificates are awarded to children that have shown developments, resilience, effort or achievement in subjects and actions.