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Welcome to our Deaf ARP Page

Communication and Language

Communication and language development is at the heart of the deaf ARP at Eastbury Primary School. It is a crucial element of deaf children’s education and we value the importance to the children and families. Our approach is to meet every child’s communication needs in collaboration with the parents / carers. As a total communication setting we offer a range of communication strategies to support our deaf children.

Communication approaches:

British Sign Language (BSL)
Sign Supported English (SSE)
Visual phonics
Picture communication support
Note taking
Personalised radio aid systems

We combine different approaches depending on the child’s language development, access to sound, listening skills and speech production. These can change as the child develops and their needs change.

Our staff are all BSL level 2 or 3 trained. They also receive bi-weekly training to adapt teaching and learning to the individual child.