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Welcome to our Reception Page

Mrs Villarin, Miss Farhana, Mrs Martínez and Mrs Khatun would like to welcome you to our Reception page.

About Reception

Your child is at the centre of everything we do, therefore, we look forward to you sharing your child’s experiences and interests with us.

We provide a stimulating, caring and enabling learning environment where children are valued, feel safe and can thrive to become independent learners. Children experience learning which is tailored to meet their needs through whole-class, teacher-led, small group and one-to-one sessions.  Structured and open-ended play opportunities are also available both inside and outside the classroom.

A phased induction at the beginning of the year allows us to support your child’s personal, social and emotional development. All children are encouraged to develop positive relationships with their peers and with adults at school, which will help them to settle quickly. The phased induction allows us to spend more time with your child in these early stages so that we can support them in understanding and following the rules of the classroom and the whole school.

We expect children to be respectful and well-behaved. Your child will learn how to care for each other, the environment and living things. They will learn to be respectful of other’s needs, beliefs and cultures and they will have opportunities to participate in celebrating cultural and religious festivals and learning about the diverse languages spoken within the school.

Your child’s year with us in Reception is a very important and exciting time as they will develop the necessary skills needed for future learning. Your child’s physical development and language and communication skills, will be developed and they will also learn how to use a range of technology to support their learning.

Daily phonic sessions using the RWI Phonics Scheme which will support your child to learn letters and sounds and they will learn how to apply this knowledge to both their reading and writing.

Mathematics covers a broad range of skills from providing children with opportunities to develop and improve their understanding of counting, using numbers, continuing, copying and creating repeating patterns to compare length, weight and capacity.

Your child’s creativity is fostered as they have opportunities to create pictures and models using a variety of media and they will enjoy participating in music making, singing and drama.

Reception Curriculum Maps


Our curriculum is linked to clear processes of learning and has specific learning goals for every subject and for personal learning. Our aim is to make all learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. We help children to connect their learning to where they are living now as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of other people.

Helping your child


Attendance and punctuality are very important for children in

Reception. Being at school on time and attending regularly allows us to support
your child’s learning and progression at this crucial stage.


Parental support is essential for your child to develop and

progress. Please read with your child every day, encourage them to write
shopping lists and support them with recognising numbers.


Here are some helpful links to support your child at home:

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