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Welcome to Friends of Eastbury Page

Friends of Eastbury


The Friends of Easbury are a parent and teacher association that work for the benefit of the school.


We meet each term to discuss up- coming events to raise money for the school, as well as to arrange fun activities for the children and families to enjoy.  These events are organised and run by parents and staff throughout the year.  Some of the events arranged are Christmas and Summer Fairs, with stalls that sell cakes, toys and book; games to enjoy and children’s work to buy, as well as film nights with popcorn and many more.


The Friends of Eastbury has a set Constitution which states the guidelines of rules and protocols for the association to follow, so it can run effectively and smoothly.  A chairman, treasurer and secretary have been nominated to run the meetings, setting agendas and completing minutes for records.


As part of our meetings we decide where money will be spent that has been raised by the Friends of Eastbury with the support of the school that will benefit the children in different areas of their learning.


You automatically become a member of the Friends of Eastbury when your child attends Eastbury Primary School.  If you would like to help, please come along to any of the meetings and share your ideas and support the group in the next event that will be run, all are welcome.  Meetings will be advertised and promoted through the school newsletters and notice boards

School Uniform

We have school uniform to purchase at the school, including jumpers, cardigans, trousers, skirts, shirts, coats, plimsoles, trainers, ties and blazers, each item is £1.  All money will go back into the school through the Friends of Eastbury Fund Raising Association for our school.  All uniform has been donated by families who have either moved on from Eastbury or whose children have grown out of their uniform.  Please enquire through the main office or with Miss Kerr the Family Liaison Officer.