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Welcome to our School Council Page

We have a proud School Council here at Eastbury Primary School. Councillors are elected by their peers and each class, from Year 1 to Year 6, has a representative. You can recognise our councillors by the yellow “School Council” badge that they wear. 

We currently hold School Council meetings in our classrooms via a video link and email our ideas and discussion notes to Mrs Marais, who leads the School Council. We have been able to receive feedback about our ideas and make some changes in the school already.

In 2021 – 2022, we have made a GREAT start with School Councillors being elected and our very first video meeting being held in the Autumn Term. 

Autumn 1 – School Councillors worked with their classes on their first project to create awareness about driving and parking during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Children discussed how drivers and children can keep safe. They designed posters that were displayed at our school gates to encourage drivers to park safely. Look out for our designs!

Autumn 2 – School Councillors discussed school dinners here at Eastbury. They shared what their favourite meals were, if the food was hot enough, portions big enough and what could be done to improve the lunchtime experience. We look forward to implementing some for the suggestions. 

Spring 1 – Celebrating diversity is very important to us at Eastbury. The School Councillors worked together with their classes to find out if the children feel represented in the curriculum and books that they read. We want to make sure our school curriculum is diverse and teaches about different cultures and races. 

Spring  2 – Mrs Matthews partnered up with the School Council as we work towards earning our Healthy School’s Award. She wanted the children to help identify areas in the school where healthy and unhealthy relationships take place. 

We have continued with our video meetings. You can catch up with them here:

Spring 2

Spring 1

Autumn 2

Autumn 1

During 2020, the School Council worked together on some projects to help improve the school. 

In the Autumn Term, they brainstormed ideas with their classes and finally named the old farm area “The Arts Yard”. Please make sure you visit this new and exciting area. 

In the Spring Term, School Councillors worked with their classes to feedback on any issues they had throughout the school. This included ideas like providing more games on the playground during lunchtimes and ensuring the dinner hall had a calmer environment. 

In the Summer Term, we started a new venture of little picking within the school. We discussed possible names for this new group and ways that it could be managed. We look forward to launching this in 2021, in collaboration with the Eco Warriors. Watch this space!

Have you got a good idea? Is there something that you would like to improve at Eastbury? Is there something that you are not happy about?
Click on the link below and complete the form. The School Council will discuss and consider your idea when they next meet. 
Thank you. 

———-The School Council Form———-