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Welcome to our School Council Page

We have a proud School Council here at Eastbury Primary School. Councillors are elected by their peers and each class, from Year 1 to Year 6, has a representative. You can recognise our councillors by the yellow “School Council” badge that they wear. 

We currently hold School Council meetings in our classrooms and email our ideas and discussion notes to Mrs Marais, who leads the School Council. We have been able to receive feedback about our ideas and make some changes in the school already. 

In the Autumn term, we brainstormed ideas for a new drama area in the school. We had a very exciting short list (The Arts Yard, The Drama Den and The Twilight Zone) and finally The Arts Yard was chosen as the new name. Please come along and visit this exciting space. 

In the Summer term, we have continued with our video meetings. You can catch up with them here: